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Dancer Skills

The Skillset

To learn this skill, you'll begin with dancing lessons at whatever pace you find manageable and dabble into additional dance styles. Eventually, you may participate in a showcase and teach someone else the skills you've learned.

Dancer Skills Tracker

(1) Complete 12 dancing lessons in a dancing style of your choice.

Introductory lessons are often offered by dance studios as well as at local gyms and community centers.

(2) Learn the basic steps of three additional types of partner or solo dances.

Consider learning dances that are very different from one another, which prevents confusion and allows you to be prepared for different dancing occasions.

(3) Complete 12 additional dancing lessons in a dance of your choice.

Don’t be afraid to switch dances if you find one that you enjoy more. No matter how you started, the coordination and timing skills you’re developing will translate to other dances as well.

(4) Participate in a dance recital or event, such as a showcase or themed night at a venue.

To find a low-pressure opportunity to dance, try looking up things like “[dance type] Night in [local town]” online or asking your dance instructors if they have recommendations.

(5) Teach someone else one of the dances you know.

Teaching is a skill unto itself. Don’t worry about your student mastering the dance; focus on having fun together.

You can also download the skills tracker as a printable .PDF here.

Resources to Get You Started
  • Major Dance Styles, Explained
  • Check your local community centers, YMCA or YWCA, or nearby gyms to see if they offer affordable dance classes.
  • Ballrooms and other dance studios in your area will also usually offer beginner lessons for adults, but these are frequently more expensive.
  • While we really recommend taking in-person lessons, you can also use YouTube to look up demonstrations of the basic steps of a dance you'd like to learn.

Getting Your Badge

You can find the dancer badge here.