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Mixologist Skills

The Skillset

With this skillset, you will master several cocktails or mocktails and experiment with them. At tier 5, you will work to develop your own signature cocktail!

Mixologist Skills Tracker

(1) Learn the principles of mixology, including how to prepare ingredients, measure, mix, and garnish a drink.

While bar equipment such as a shaker and a muddler can be nice, when you are first starting out you can also begin by using equipment you have at home, like clean jars and spoons.

(2) Learn and prepare 10 basic cocktails.

You can also choose to practice the art of the mocktail by including non-alcoholic mixed-drink recipes in your study.

(3) Experiment with the cocktails you know by creating modified versions of at least 3 of them.

Common experiments include:

  • changing the type of alcohol used
  • adding/changing an added fruit or herb
  • changing the type of mixer added
  • changing the type of sugar added

(4) Learn and prepare 10 new cocktails.

Consider learning recipes that call for more advanced techniques or build on the skills you’ve already learned, or learn the favorites of your friends and family!

(5) Create a “signature” cocktail according to your tastes (or someone else’s, if you’re looking to impress).

When making your signature cocktail, aim to strike a balance between creativity, flavor, and skill.

You can also download the skills tracker as a printable .PDF here.

Resources to Get You Started

Getting Your Badge

You can find the mixologist badge here.