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Martial Artist Skills

The Skillset

In this skillset, you will research martial arts practices, engage in introductory lessons, and potentially advance to exhibiting or demonstrating your martial arts skill to others.

To safely participate in a martial arts practice, we recommend learning your skills from an experienced instructor.

Martial Artist Skills Tracker

(1) Research and describe the differences between three types of martial arts available to learn in your area. Then, decide which might be the best for you, based on the skills you hope to learn.

Examples of martial arts include tai chi, kung fu, boxing, and capoeira, among many others. There are unarmed combat traditions in nearly every part of the world.

(2) Complete an introductory lesson in a martial art of your choice.

Martial arts dojos often offer free or reduced-price intro classes. You can also see if a local gym or community center offers classes.

(3) Complete twelve beginner lessons in a martial art of your choice.

Don’t worry if you don’t enjoy the first martial art you try. Feel free to keep exploring different traditions until you find one that meets your needs and feels fun!

(4) Take an introductory lesson in 2 or more other types of martial arts, or take a course of advanced lessons in a martial art you have studied.

Some of us believe variety is the spice of life; others prefer to pursue mastery of one area. Both approaches can be enjoyable, so take the course that appeals most to you.

(5) Participate in a competition or exhibition of a martial art.

Ask your instructors for advice on whether you are ready to put your new skills on display. Then, ask for information on local exhibitions and competitions in your martial art.

You can also download the skills tracker as a printable .PDF here.

Resources to Get You Started
  • Types of Martial Arts with Explanations
  • To ensure safety of yourself and others, it is best to learn martial arts from an experienced instructor, but you can often learn some of the basic solo forms from demonstration videos on YouTube.
  • Check your local community centers, YMCA, YWCA, or nearby gyms to see if they offer affordable beginner classes in any martial arts. You can also look for martial arts dojos in your community.

Getting Your Badge

You can find the martial artist badge here.