✨Welcome to Grown-Up Scouts!✨

Grown-Up Scouts

Adult life can get busy and it can get boring. We wish we had time to try new hobbies, hash out new skills, and do it on a reasonable budget.

Grown-Up Scouts is the last little push you need to take the first step on those journeys of a thousand miles, the incentive to test the waters and see what you think, the opportunity to hold yourself to a goal set by someone else.

Check out the Skills page to explore the list of skills.

You can also click on the Ask Me button in the header to submit questions and requests for new skills.

- About Skillsets -

Each skillset is set up with five levels of increasing difficulty. If you've already met the parameters of a level, congrats!

Some skillsets are practical skills that might come in handy, such as auto mechanics or cooking; others are plain fun, like playing TTRPGs and mixology.

It doesn't matter how far you get into learning a skillset; you can always reward your progress with the associated Badge.

- Badges -

Badges come in two forms: stickers and downloadable .pngs. You will never need to "prove" that you've "earned" a badge, for the following reasons:

  • Adult life gets hectic and projects fall by the wayside.
  • You may discover you don't like this particular skill, or decide you've learned all you want to know before you reach the end.
  • Who could stop you from ordering a badge you didn't "technically" earn? Nobody, that's who.